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Has energy efficiency performance improved in China?—non-energy sectors evidence from sequenced hybrid energy use tables
We conduct a comparative analysis of two energy efficiency indicators for China: heating value energy intensity (HEI) and economic value energy intensity (MEI). We formulate 1997–2002–2007–2012Expand
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Does the structure of intersectoral embedded carbon flow network matter to carbon reduction in China
We combined the methodologies of life cycle assessment (LCA) and social network analysis (SNA) in the input-output framework to mimic intersectoral embedded CO2 flow network in China. Expand
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Regional TFP disparities in China(1978-2012)
The paper focuses on regional disparities of economic development in 1978 to 2012 in China. It uses DEA to compute regional Malmquist index for comparing purpose, and investigates convergence ofExpand
Novel Fe-based nanoglass as efficient noble-metal-free electrocatalyst for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Abstract A Fe78Si9B13 nanoglass with improved alkaline hydrogen evolution performances is prepared by melt spinning followed by high-pressure torsion (HPT). HPT treatment induces slight uniqueExpand
Improved alkaline hydrogen evolution performance of a Fe78Si9B13 metallic glass electrocatalyst by ultrasonic vibrations
Abstract The electrocatalytic performance of a Fe78Si9B13 amorphous alloy toward alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is enhanced by ultrasonic vibration (UV). The UV treatments slightlyExpand
Define, process and describe the intersectoral embedded carbon flow network in China
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Effect of CeH2.73-CeO2 Composites on the Desorption Properties of Mg2NiH4
A series of CeH2.73/CeO2 composites with different ratios of hydride and oxide phases are prepared from the pure cerium hydride via oxidation treatments in the air at room temperature, and they areExpand
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