Kaixuan Zhou

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BACKGROUND The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) generates cells with properties of stem cells, if that happened, the stem cell should be with mesenchymal property. This study aimed to identify a group of cells with mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-like characteristics in breast cancer bone metastatic cell line MDA-MB-231, moreover, the relevance between(More)
Spatial data are fundamental for borderland analyses of geography, natural resources, demography, politics, economy, and culture. As the spatial data used in borderland research usually cover the borderland regions of several neighboring countries, it is difficult for anyone research institution of government to collect them. Volunteered Geographic(More)
Sansalvamide A, a cyclic depsipeptide isolated from a marine fungus of the Fusarium genus, exhibits significant antitumor activity. In the present study, H-10 (molecular formula, C38H55N5O6; molecular weight, 677.8732), a novel sansalvamide A derivative, demonstrated an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of murine melanoma B16 cells. It was confirmed(More)
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