Kaiwen Zhang

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A technique that inserts data densely into short frames in a digital audio signal by frequency domain dithering is described. With the proposed method, large embedding capacity can be realized, and the presence of the hidden data is imperceptible. Synchronization in detection is achieved by using a two-step search process that accurately locates a PN(More)
The dynamic activation of oncogenic kinases and regulation of focal adhesions (FAs) are crucial molecular events modulating cell adhesion in cancer metastasis. However, it remains unclear how these events are temporally coordinated at single FA sites. Therefore, we targeted fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based biosensors toward subcellular(More)
In this paper, an image quality measure, termed pixel-based correlation weighted-mean square error (WMSE), is presented. The proposed distortion measure depends not only on the mean square error in the distorted image, but also on correlation between pixels in a predefined neighborhood. Experimental results are given to show the advantage of the described(More)
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