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—Total ordering is a messaging guarantee increasingly required of content-based pub/sub systems, which are traditionally focused on performance. The main challenge is the uniform ordering of streams of publications from multiple publishers within an overlay broker network to be delivered to multiple subscribers. Our solution integrates total ordering into(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient complex event processing system tailored toward monitoring a large-scale setup of manufacturing equipment. In particular, the key challenge in the equipment monitoring is to develop an event-based system for computing complex manufacturing queries coupled with event notifications and event and query result(More)
The most important asset of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game is its world state, as it represents the combined efforts and progress of all its participants. Thus, it is extremely important that this state is not lost in case of server failures. Survival of the world state is typically achieved by making it persistent, e.g., by storing it in a relational(More)
Massively Multiplayer Online Games are considered large distributed systems where the game state is partially replicated across the server and thousands of clients. Given the scale, game engines typically offer only relaxed consistency without well-defined guarantees. In this paper, we leverage the concept of transactions to define consistency models that(More)
Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), which are typically supported by large distributed systems, require a scalable, low latency messaging middleware that supports the location-based semantics and the loosely coupled interaction of multiplayer games components. In this paper, we present three different pub/sub-driven designs for a MMOG networking(More)
Graphene exhibits extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties, and extremely high thermal conductivity. Being a very stable atomically thick membrane that can be suspended between two leads, graphene provides a perfect test platform for studying thermal conductivity in two-dimensional systems, which is of primary importance for phonon transport in(More)
Modern data-intensive applications handling massive event streams such as real-time traffic monitoring require support for both rich data filtering and aggregation. While the pub/sub communication paradigm provides an effective solution for the sought semantic diversity of event filtering, the event processing capabilities of existing pub/sub systems are(More)
Modern applications for distributed publish/subscribe systems often require stream aggregation capabilities along with rich data filtering. When compared to other distributed systems, aggregation in pub/sub differentiates itself as a complex problem which involves dynamic dissemination paths that are difficult to predict and optimize for a priori, temporal(More)
The amount of content served on social networks can overwhelm users, who must sift through the data for relevant information. To facilitate users, we develop and implement dissemination of ranked data in social networks. Although top-k computation can be performed centrally at the user, the size of the event stream can constitute a significant bottleneck.(More)