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#MeToo and the promise and pitfalls of challenging rape culture through digital feminist activism
On 24 October 2017, the #MeToo hashtag began trending on Twitter. Although the phrase was initiated by African American women’s rights activists Tarana Burke in 2006, it gained widespread attentionExpand
Speaking ‘unspeakable things’: documenting digital feminist responses to rape culture
Abstract This paper examines the ways in which girls and women are using digital media platforms to challenge the rape culture they experience in their everyday lives; including street harassment,Expand
Feminist and gender media studies: a critical overview
This paper offers a general overview of past, current, and developing issues and debates in the growing field of gender and feminist media studies. Its main aim is to provide for those who are new toExpand
Framing Feminism: News Coverage of the Women's Movement in British and American Newspapers, 1968–1982
This article analyses the framing in four British and American newspapers of the second-wave feminist movement during its most politically active period (1968–1982). Using content and criticalExpand
Reporting The Women's Movement
This article examines and compares how four British and American newspapers reported the second-wave feminist movement during its most active political period, 1968–1982. Through the use of bothExpand
What Do Children Want from the BBC? Children's Content and Participatory Environments in an Age of Citizen Media
Members of the project team delved into the issue of news provision for teens, a notable gap in the BBC’s provision of news for citizens between Newsround and adult news, respectively. There alreadyExpand
‘Feminism rules! Now, where’s my swimsuit?’ Re-evaluating feminist discourse in print media 1968–2008
Using both content and critical discourse analysis, this article traces the emergence of and changes in the ways feminism has been discursively constructed in 998 British and American news articlesExpand
Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture
From sites like Hollaback! and Everyday Sexism, which document instances of street harassment and misogyny, to social media-organized movements and communities like #MeToo andExpand
Digitized narratives of sexual violence: Making sexual violence felt and known through digital disclosures
In this article, we argue that social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter have facilitated an emergence of “digitized narratives” of sexual violence. These narratives are rooted in historicalExpand
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