Kaitlin VanderKolk

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We have identified LmaPA2G4, a homolog of the human proliferation-associated 2G4 protein (also termed Ebp1), in a phosphoproteomic screening. Multiple sequence alignment and cluster analysis revealed that LmaPA2G4 is a non-peptidase member of the M24 family of metallopeptidases. This pseudoenzyme is structurally related to methionine aminopeptidases. A null(More)
A MONG the commonly used antihypertensive drugs, only one, l-Hydrazinophthalazine (Hydralazine), has been reported by various sources to produce an active dilatation of the renal vessels, when given parenterally to human subjects. l-3 No studies on the effects of administration of single oral doses, acceptable to the patient, have been reported, and with(More)
All doctors have their own styles of interaction with patients and unique methods of practice. Yet how do these methods vary based on the types of cases and patient population the physician sees regularly? How does the familiar American patient-doctor interaction differ from that of a poor clinic in rural Peru? How do cultural and educational differences(More)
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