Kaitlin C. Lenhart

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Myoblast fusion (a critical process by which muscles grow) occurs in a multi-step fashion that requires actin and membrane remodeling; but important questions remain regarding the spatial/temporal regulation of and interrelationship between these processes. We recently reported that the Rho-GAP, GRAF1, was particularly abundant in muscles undergoing fusion(More)
Although RhoA activity is necessary for promoting myogenic mesenchymal stem cell fates, recent studies in cultured cells suggest that down-regulation of RhoA activity in specified myoblasts is required for subsequent differentiation and myotube formation. However, whether this phenomenon occurs in vivo and which Rho modifiers control these later events(More)
Although hypertension is a worldwide health issue, an incomplete understanding of its aetiology has hindered our ability to treat this complex disease. Here we identify arhgap42 (also known as GRAF3) as a Rho-specific GAP expressed specifically in smooth muscle cells (SMCs) in mice and humans. We show that GRAF3-deficient mice exhibit significant(More)
The plasma membranes of striated muscle cells are particularly susceptible to rupture as they endure significant mechanical stress and strain during muscle contraction, and studies have shown that defects in membrane repair can contribute to the progression of muscular dystrophy. The synaptotagmin-related protein, dysferlin, has been implicated in mediating(More)
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