Kaitian Xu

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During the last century, the world soybean yield has been constantly enhancing at a remarkable rate. Factors limiting the soybean yield may be multiple. It is widely acknowledged that changes of root metabolism can influence aboveground characteristics, such as the seed yield and photosynthesis. In this study, we considered root bleeding sap mass (BSM) and(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated anatomical differences between the two cerebral hemispheres and ethnic differences in cerebral asymmetry. This study examined asymmetry of Chinese living in Shanghai. Measurements were taken across the frontal, mid-cerebral and occipital regions from normal head computed tomography (CT) scans of 200 Chinese Shanghai(More)
BACKGROUND A Krukenberg tumour (KT) is defined as an ovarian metastasis from a gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma and suggests a terminal condition. This study aimed to identify the prognostic factors affecting the survival of patients with KTs of colorectal origin who receive cytoreductive surgery. METHODS Medical records of patients who had received(More)
Polyurethane/urea copolymers based on poly(ethylene glycol) (PURPEG) were exposed to weakly ionized, highly reactive low-pressure oxygen plasma to improve their sorption kinetics. The plasma was sustained with an inductively coupled radiofrequency generator operating at various power levels in either E-mode (up to the forward power of 300 W) or H-mode(More)
Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is a typical perennial shade plant. Aim of this study was to investigate the effects of exogenous hormones on photosynthesis of P. ginseng. At different growth stages, the aerial parts of P. ginseng plants were cut at the stem base and they were inserted into the nutrient solutions containing different exogenous hormones. Then the(More)
Photosynthetic electron flux allocation, stomatal conductance, and the activities of key enzymes involved in photosynthesis were investigated in Rumex K-1 leaves to better understand the role of nitric oxide (NO) in photoprotection under osmotic stress caused by polyethylene glycol. Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence were measured simultaneously with(More)
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