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Mobile applications often need location data, to update locally relevant information and adapt the device context. While most smartphones do include a GPS receiver, it's frequent use is restricted due to high battery drain. We design and prototype an adaptive location service for mobile devices, a-Loc, that helps reduce this battery drain. Our design is(More)
Sensor network applications tend to exhibit significant high-level commonalities along several major dimensions that have heretofore been underexposed, particularly in the areas of collection and dissemination. We have developed a component library, sdlib, which presents the fundamental abstractions of collection and dissemination as part of a dataflow(More)
Gibraltar is a new framework for exposing hardware devices to web pages. Gibraltar's fundamental insight is that Java-Script's AJAX facility can be used as a hardware access protocol. Instead of relying on the browser to mediate device interactions , Gibraltar sandboxes the browser and uses a small device server to handle hardware requests. The server uses(More)
—Large-scale actuator control problems in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) are often expressed within the net-worked optimization model. While significant advances have taken place in optimization techniques, their widespread adoption in practical implementations is impeded by the complexity of inter-node coordination and lack of programming support that is(More)
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