Kaisa Karisalmi

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Manure is one of the most common substrates for biogas production. Manure from dairy- and swine animals are often considered to stabilize the biogas process by contributing nutrients and trace elements needed for the biogas process. In this study two lab-scale reactors were used to evaluate the effects of trace element addition during co-digestion of manure(More)
Natural products (or secondary metabolites) remain as the most important source for discovery of new and potential drug molecules. With high resolution data of their structures, and the advancement of synthesis possibilities, analysis of the natural products based on their specific structural features is valuable to those entering the field. In this(More)
A new, short and highly diastereoselective synthetic route aiming at the C(33)–C(37) fragment of Amphotericin B has been developed. Studies with a model aldehyde (benzaldehyde) have given very promising results: the desired stereochemistry of all four stereocenters of the target molecule has been achieved with high diastereoselection. The stereochemistry of(More)
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