Kaisa Könnölä

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Agile methods are widely utilized in software development but their usage in embedded system development is often limited to software. A case study of three industrial cases was carried out to understand how to tailor agile methods effectively including also hardware development. Agile practices, mostly derived from Scrum, were tailored to fit the needs of(More)
There is a wide area of applications that use embedded systems, and the number of such systems keeps growing. The required functionality and complexity of embedded systems are also constantly increasing, and development of such products is becoming increasingly harder. This requires new thinking on the product development processes, and one such emerging(More)
As gamification and digital game playing is getting more and more popular, also business-life is increasingly relying on this phenomenon for attracting different consumer groups. To illustrate, food companies are trying to find new ways to appeal customers and answer to their market demands through development of new snacks concepts. Acquiring more in-depth(More)
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