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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Patients with OSA manifest different patterns of disease. However, this heterogeneity is more evident in patients with mild-moderate OSA than in those with severe disease and a high total AHI. We hypothesized that mild-moderate OSA can be categorized into discreet disease phenotypes, and the aim of this study was to comprehensively(More)
In this paper, we will present our research on the acceleration for option pricing using Monte Carlo techniques on the GPU. We first introduce some basic ideas of GPU programming and then the stochastic volatility SABR model. Under the SABR model, we discuss option pricing with Monte Carlo techniques. In particular, we focus on European option pricing using(More)
Reports indicate that germ-line stem cells present in adult mice can rapidly generate new oocytes and contribute to the primordial follicle reserve following conditions of ovotoxic stress. We further investigated the hypothesis that adult mice have the capacity to generate new oocytes by monitoring primordial follicle numbers throughout postnatal life and(More)
RATIONALE Upper airway dysfunction may complicate asthma but has been largely ignored as an etiological factor. Diagnosis using endoscopic evaluation of vocal cord function is difficult to quantify, with limited clinical application. OBJECTIVES A novel imaging technique, dynamic 320-slice computerized tomography (CT), was used to examine laryngeal(More)
RATIONALE Patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) experience respiratory events with greater frequency and severity while in the supine sleeping position. Postural modification devices (PMDs) prevent supine sleep, although there is a paucity of guidance to help clinicians decide when to use PMDs for their patients. In order for PMDs to treat OSA(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the involvement of airway cross-sectional area and shape, and functional residual capacity (FRC), in the genesis of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in patients with supine-predominant OSA. METHODS Three groups were recruited: (i) supine OSA, defined as a supine apnoea-hyponoea index (AHI) at least twice(More)
Comprehensive models of stochastic, clonally reproducing populations are defined in terms of general branching processes, allowing birth during maternal life, as for higher organisms, or by splitting, as in cell division. The populations are assumed to start small, by mutation or immigration, reproduce supercritically while smaller than the habitat carrying(More)
Eph receptors, the largest family of receptor tyrosine kinases, control cell-cell adhesion/de-adhesion, cell morphology and cell positioning through interaction with cell surface ephrin ligands. Bi-directional signalling from the Eph and ephrin complexes on interacting cells have a significant role in controlling normal tissue development and oncogenic(More)