Kais Ben Salah

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The online supply requirement management within a heterogonous environment represents a real challenge. While the traditional e-purchase is widely adopted, the e-barter seems to be an ambitious alternative. It is mainly solicited when suppliers might be unavailable or the delivery timeouts are important. Moreover, it reinforces the communication between the(More)
Every problem that can be described by a set of variables and a set of constraints among those variables can easily be cast as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP). In spite of its simplicity, the standard CSP has proven unsuited for modeling ill-defined decision problems, especially, under uncertain circumstances. In such situation, uncertainty evokes(More)
Many problems in multi-agent systems can be described as Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems (DCSPs), where the goal is to find a set of assignments to variables that satisfies all constraints among agents. However, when reallife application problems are formalized as DCSPs, they are often over-constrained and have no solution that satisfies all(More)
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