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This paper mainly focus to get the high resolution color remote sensing image, and also undertaken to remove the shaded region in the both urban and rural area. Some of the existing projects are involved to detect the shaded region and then eliminate that region, but it has some drawbacks. The detection of the edges will be affected mostly by the(More)
Person re-identification, aiming to identify images of the same person from various cameras configured in difference places, has attracted plenty of attention in the multimedia community. Previous work mainly focuses on feature presentation and distance measure, and achieves promising results on some standard databases. However, the performance is still not(More)
Image matching is an important UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) navigation method. Traditional area-based image matching methods have high accuracy but are sensitive to scale and rotation variations. In order to matching images which have geometric and illumination variations quickly and robustly, a new image matching algorithm based on multi-scale(More)