Kaiman Babkovic

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A two degrees of freedom inverted pendulum, standing on its flat foot is considered in this paper. The foot is equipped with force sensors in order to measure the vertical component of the ground reaction. The complete dynamics of the system is simulated. The usage possibility of such future measurements were further analyzed through simulation, using(More)
There is a growing interest towards humanoid robots. Our intention is to build and explore as much as possible, relatively simple elements of humanoid robots in order to gain a better understanding of their characteristics and possibilities of control. In this paper, an experiment platform of a sensored robot foot is presented. Our goal is to explore the(More)
Measuring the contact force between a robotic foot and the ground can play an important role in the implementation of biped motion. In this paper, one possible implementation of a contact force measurement system is given. The possibilities of this system are simulated on a motor-powered pendulum. Experiment results are also given.
This paper further investigates the novel way of exciting FSR sensors. The method introduces a force-dependent contact area excitation in which the engaged sensor area depends on the applied force. The deformation of the dome-shaped rubber element is used to introduce force-dependent contact area excitation. The assumption that the pressure distribution(More)
A CMOS standard three-stage ring oscillator is examined in UMC 0.13μm technology. The influence of PMOS transistors, as inverter feedbacks, on the ring oscillator performance is investigated. Since the ring oscillator usually drives a buffer in pulse generator/transmitter chain, dependence of its frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude on the buffer(More)
Heavy machine tools and other industrial equipment is capable of producing large amounts of vibration. In this paper a sensor is presented which employs an optoelectronic component to measure the vibration generating object's displacement in time, allowing it to be constantly monitored. The operating point of the optical sensor is susceptible to changing(More)
In many fields precise contact force measurement is required, especially in robotic manipulation tasks. The measurement range varies depending on the application. If the mesaured range is rather large, contact detection can represent a problem since the sensor will not be able to detect the contact before too large force is applied. In this paper a sensor(More)
The goal of this work is to investigate the efficiency of a ferrite electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppressor when it is placed in a real surrounding. Because of that, commercially available ferrite component is tested in a simple digital circuit realized on PCB. Two configurations of digital circuits are analyzed: with and without EMI suppressor placed(More)
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