Kailun Zhang

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Candida albicans is a common opportunistic fungal pathogen, causing both superficial candidiasis and life-threatening systemic infections in immune-compromised individuals. Calcium signaling is responsible for this pathogen in responding to several stresses, such as antifungal drugs, alkaline pH and membrane-perturbing agents. Our recent study revealed that(More)
Personal Attributes Extraction in Unstructured Chinese Text Task is a subtask of The 3rd CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing (CLP-2014). In this report, we propose a method based on the combination of trigger words, dictionary and rules to realize the personal attributes extraction. We introduce the extraction process and show the(More)
Fig. 1: VibViz features three separate views: 1) physical, 2) sensory & emotional, and 3) metaphor & usage view. Abstract—This paper describes VibViz, an interactive visualization system for a vibration library. The high level goal of VibViz is to support 1) end users to explore and browse the vibration library, and 2) researchers to investigate properties(More)
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