Kailash Chand

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IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE DIRE PROGNOSIS given in older medical literature you may find in a public library. Patients diagnosed and treated at early stages of CTCL can usually expect to live a NORMAL LIFESPAN and die of unrelated causes. For others, however, relapses are common, and treatment must either be lifelong in order to control the(More)
Therapies targeting central stress mechanisms are fundamental for the development of successful treatment strategies. Ocimum sanctum (OS) is an Indian medicinal plant traditionally used for the treatment of various stress-related conditions. Previously, we have isolated and characterized three OS compounds; Ocimarin, Ocimumoside A and Ocimumoside B.(More)
The chemotherapeutic interventions against visceral leishmaniasis (VL) are limited and facing serious concerns of toxicity, high cost, and emerging drug resistance. There is a greater interest in new drug developments from traditionally used medicinal plants which offers unprecedented diversity in structures and bioactivity. With this rationale, ethanolic(More)
This study was conducted to find out the prevalence and pattern of primary and acquired resistance to antimycobacterial drugs among patients of pulmonary tuberculosis, in Armed Forces. Out of 2562 clinically diagnosed patients of tuberculosis, in a span of three years, 1146 were bacteriologically positive. The study included only 1120 smear and culture(More)
The histogenesis of 10 spindle cell tumors of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of last three years of our institution was studied, on the basis of immunohistochemical (IHC) staining. The tumours were categorized into benign, borderline malignant and malignant, mainly based on the histologic parameters (HP) such as predominant cell type, cellularity, type of(More)
This study was carried out to isolate and identify Campylobacter jejuni from stool samples of patients suffering from diarrhoea. The study spanned a two-year period and C. jejuni was isolated in 10 (4.5%) out of 220 patients of diarrhoea] disorders. In samples of stool collected from 50 healthy individuals, C. jejuni was isolated in one (2%) case. Further,(More)
BACKGROUND Primary giant cell tumour of soft tissues is a distinct but uncommon group of neoplasms morphologically identical to osseous giant cell tumor. METHODS 7 patients with painless growing soft tissue mass, having no attachment to underlying bone, were identified in a four years retrospective study from two zonal hospitals of armed forces.(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Ocimum sanctum (OS) is known to possess various therapeutic properties. We have earlier isolated and characterized three OS compounds; Ocimarin, Ocimumoside A and Ocimumoside B. However, their role in modulating stress-induced central changes is unexplored. Thus, the present study was aimed to investigate the effect of these OS(More)
We have synthesized a series of novel isoxazolines via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of in situ generated nitrile oxide from 2,4-dimethoxy benzaldoxime and naphthaldehyde oxime with 4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol derivatives. The synthesized compounds were evaluated for anti-stress activity in acute stress (AS) induced peripheral changes. Adult male Sprague–Dawley(More)