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In many species of aquaculture importance, all-female and sterile populations possess superior productivity due to faster growth and a relatively homogenous size of individuals. However, the production of all-female and sterile fish in a large scale for aquaculture is a challenge in practice, because treatments necessary for gynogenesis induction usually(More)
Distant hybridization can generate transgressive hybrid phenotypes that lead to the formation of new populations or species with increased genetic variation. In this study, we produced an experimental hybrid goldfish (EG) by distant crossing of red crucian carp (Carassius auratus) × common carp (Cyprinus carpio) followed by gynogenesis. We evaluated the(More)
Polyploidy is much rarer in animals than in plants but it is not known why. The outcome of combining two genomes in vertebrates remains unpredictable, especially because polyploidization seldom shows positive effects and more often results in lethal consequences because viable gametes fail to form during meiosis. Fortunately, the goldfish (maternal) ×(More)
Nucleolar dominance is an epigenetic phenomenon that occurs in interspecific hybrids and involves the expression of 45S rRNA genes inherited from one progenitor due to the silencing of the other progenitor’s rRNA genes. In this paper, changes in the genetics and expression of 45S rRNA genes in F1 and F2 hybrid progeny of blunt snout bream (BSB, Megalobrama(More)
The gynogenetic diploid hybrid clone line (GDH) derived from red crucian carp (♀ RCC) × common carp (♂ CC) possesses the unusual reproductive trait of producing unreduced diploid eggs. To identify the mechanism underlying this phenomenon, we examined the structure, in vivo developmental process and in vitro dynamic development of the GDH gonad. In summary,(More)
In this study, we conducted a cross of white crucian carp (♀)×red crucian carp (♂) (WR), and characterized the morphology, reproduction and genetics of the progeny. Different from parents, WR with the gray color showed the hybrid morphological traits of both parents. WR possessed normal gonads producing mature eggs or sperm, and exhibited high fertilization(More)
Androgenesis is a unique and rarely encountered reproductive mode in which the offspring only inherit the paternal nuclear genome, resulting in relatively few viable individuals. In this study, a super male (YY) crucian carp was obtained by androgenesis with the diploid sperm of autotetraploid crucian carp (4n = 200). Flow cytometry assay confirmed the fish(More)
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