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A strong state tracking particle filter (SST-PF) is put forward for unknown fault diagnosis of hybrid system. SST-PF overcomes the problem of sample impoverishment for tracking the state of nonlinear hybrid system by setting permanent transition probabilities from one mode to another. Meanwhile threshold logic of normalization factor based on the statistics(More)
The fusion of the heterogeneous sensors can greatly improve the environmental perception ability of mobile robots. And that the primary difficulty of heterogeneous sensors fusion is the calibration of depth scan information and plane image information for a laser rangefinder and a camera. Firstly, a coordinate transformation method from a laser rangefinder(More)
The aim of detecting pulmonary nodules by computer-aided diagnostic system is reduce doctors' workload. Firstly, the part of pulmonary parenchyma should be extracted from a CT image. To extract the pulmonary parenchyma's contours well, we can utilize mathematical morphology filter. Then, Snake model is used to extract suspicious nodule's contours in(More)
Multi-sensor optimal allocation is significant for mobile robot navigation, and its perception robustness is an important performance standard for multi-sensor system. Thus this paper designs sensors optimal allocation model and defines a robustness evaluation fitness function. Meanwhile, an improved DPSO algorithm is proposed to solve the sensors coalition(More)
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