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Reason about action of intelligent agent is surely one of the most exciting and challenging areas in Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent agents are embedded in an incomplete, dynamic environment to reason about action from the initial state to the final state. The Petri net as a mathematical model has the characteristics of dynamics, asynchronous,(More)
Wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) are a new and emerging type of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which enable applications of multimedia captured through special sensors equipped with cameras or microphones etc. However, WMSNs face the challenges of transport reliability and energy consumption. In this paper, we propose an adaptive error control(More)
Electroencephalogram (EEG) data processing applications have become routine tasks in both bioscience and neuroscience research, which are usually highly compute and data intensive. In this paper, we present a parallel method to analyze the huge EEG data with a Beowulf cluster. Through an example of the synchronization measurement of multiple neuronal(More)
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