Kaijian Ou

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In this study, we investigate the method for adjoint-based optimal control of linear and non-linear equations. In particular, we are interested in the formulation of the unsteady adjoint method based on the high-order spectral difference method. For the linear equation, we consider the simple 1D advection equation. For the non-linear equation, we consider(More)
Stencils are among the most important and time-consuming kernels in many applications. While stencil optimization has been a well-studied topic on CPU platforms, achieving higher performance and efficiency for the evolving numerical stencils on the more recent multi-core and many-core architectures is still an important issue. In this paper, we explore a(More)
Recently, the electromagnetic and electromechanical hybrid simulation is gradually practiced to engineering in analysis of large AC/HVDC power systems. Interface models are one of the most important interface techniques determining accuracy and applicability. Nevertheless, the limitations of traditional interface models emerge and become concrete. This(More)
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