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The paper investigates some important transport layer algorithms for wireless sensor networks. On the basis of the single-path-based distributed TCP caching, which work badly when some node on the path be down, adopt multi-path routing on the network layer and distributed TCP caching on the transport layer to enhance transport reliability. From the(More)
Research into the hubs in P2P network, and present a new method to avoid generating the hubs in the network by controlling the logical topology structure of P2P network. We firstly introduce the controlling ideas about hierarchizing the hubs. Then, we disclose and interpret the controlling model, and give out the concrete method to carry it out. Finally, we(More)
The paper describes the design and implementation of multifunctional photograph processor based on Samsung 2440A. Discussing the function and actuality of photograph processor and the exploited environment and interrelated technique of photograph processor and the software and hardware design of system. Using the special DSP chip disposal the photograph(More)
In wireless sensor networks, composed of a large number of mainly static nodes with highly constrained energy resources and special application environment, the design of routing protocol often encounters more difficulty. Though some efficient routing protocols have been proposed in the past time, there isn't ideal mechanism of the routing update exactly.(More)
Cloud computing has been brought to the classroom in some place. This paper first analyzes possible application modes for CES(cloud educational system):Centralized, Distributed and Hybrid, then proposes general architecture for CES. At last, various challenges and viable solutions are discussed.
In this paper, an intelligent vehicle monitoring and management system (IVMMS) based on the multi-net is designed. First, its architecture and functions are introduced. It uses many technologies fusing GPS, GPRS/CDMA, GIS, RS and Internet, and is composed mainly by two major parts: the Mobile Terminal and the Monitoring Center. Especially, GPRS/CDMA(More)
The proliferation of Wireless Sensor Network has fostered growing interest in self-localization branch. This paper present a novel localization algorithm based on received signal strength indicator to solve the limitation of reconstructing the signal strength data set when environment change. The received signals strength ratio of both anchors and virtual(More)
Link enhancement problem is a combinatorial optimization problem, and genetic algorithm is suitable to solve the combinatorial optimization problem. Commonly, the genetic algorithms are adopt one dimension code, this paper adopt the dual-structure code and adaptive probabilities of crossover and mutation to solve the link enhancement problem. In the(More)