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Functional maturation of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is executed by its gamma-to-epsilon subunit switching. The glycine receptor also has fetal (alpha 2) and adult (alpha 1) isoforms. However, whether subunit switching is responsible for developmental changes in glycine receptor function is not known. We recorded single-channel currents from(More)
Glucose transport systems in cultured neuronal cells and astrocytes of rats were characterized by measuring the uptake of 2-deoxy-D-[3H]glucose ([3H]2-DG) into the cells. Various sugars inhibited 2-DG uptake by neuronal cells and astrocytes similarly, a finding indicating that the substrate specificities of the transporters in the two types of cells were(More)
Zonisamide was tried on 44 children, 18 girls and 26 boys, from 8 months to 15 years of age at the start of the trial. In 6 children the drug has been stopped because of side effects. The drug was introduced at a dose of 2-4 mg/kg/day and increased to 12 mg/kg/day unless a satisfactory response occurred at a lower dose. A 100% control of seizures was(More)
Complementary (c) DNAs encoding a glycine receptor (GlyR) isomer were cloned from libraries constructed in lambda ZAPII with poly (A)+ RNA of neonatal rat spinal cord. Northern blot analysis revealed that RNA hybridized to the cloned cDNA is detectable only for a period of late embryonic/early postnatal stage of the spinal cord. Moreover, other central(More)
Heat-shock proteins (HSPs) act as molecular chaperones binding endogenous antigenic peptides and transporting them to major histocompatibility complexes. HSPs chaperone a broad repertoire of endogenous peptides including tumor antigens. For the immunotherapy of tumors, a strategy using HSPs may be more advantageous than other procedures because the(More)
We analysed the level of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) somatostatin in children with febrile seizures and epilepsy. In the febrile seizure group (n = 23), the somatostatin level was 83.9 +/- 11.2 pg/ml, which was significantly higher than that of age-matched controls. CSF samples obtained within 3 h of the last seizure had higher somatostatin levels (106.1 +/-(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to (i) conceptualize dimensions of a good death in Japanese cancer care, (ii) clarify the relative importance of each component of a good death and (iii) explore factors related to an individual's perception of the domains of a good death. METHODS The general population was sampled using a stratified random sampling(More)
Mature rat spinal cord cDNA libraries constructed in lambda gt10 and lambda ZAPII were screened with an oligonucleotide probe (39 mer), and 4 clones that possess DNA-inserts encoding a glycine receptor subunit were obtained. The cloned cDNAs were used to reconstruct the nucleotide sequence of the full-length open reading frame consisting of 1350 base pairs(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to clarify end-of-life cancer care preferences and associations with good-death concepts. METHODS The general population was sampled using a stratified random sampling method (N = 2548; response rate = 51%) and bereaved families from 12 certified palliative care units ('PCU-bereaved families') were surveyed (N = 513;(More)