Kaige Wang

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The purpose of this study was to investigate influences of buccal bi-cortical anchorages on natural frequency (NF) values of dental implants in different diameters utilizing the three-dimensional finite element method. Three degrees of buccal bi-cortical engagements were generated in D2 and D3 bone quality models, which were 0-mm engagement (i.e. implants(More)
Confocal Raman microspectral imaging (CRMI) provides a versatile tool to illustrate the biochemical nature and structure of biological tissue without introducing any external labels. In this work, a precise correlation was established between the biochemical profile and histological architecture of ex vivo human spinal cord tissue by using CRMI with 633nm(More)
Nanoscale functional structures are indispensable elements in many fields of modern science. In this paper, nanopillar array with a pillar diameter far smaller than Abbe's diffraction limit is realized by a new kind of continuous wave (CW) laser direct lithography technology. With atomic force microscopy technology, the average diameter of nanopillars on(More)
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