Kaifeng Shi

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We report a broadband electro-optical (EO) modulator based on tunable plasmonic metamaterial. Transparent conducting oxides provide an excellent active plasmonic material for optoelectronic applications. By utilizing our indium-tin-oxide- (ITO) based multilayer structure, light absorption of the active ITO layer can be electrically modulated over a large(More)
We demonstrate greatly enhanced light absorption by monolayer graphene over a broad spectral range, from visible to near IR, based on the attenuated total reflection. In the experiment, graphene is sandwiched between two dielectric media referred to as superstrate and substrate. Based on numerical calculation and experimental results, the closer the(More)
The theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration of phase modulation spectroscopy employing an all-fiber piezoelectric transducer modulator for a fiber ring resonator fiber-optic gyroscope is presented for the first time as far as we know. The results support the feasibility of such a technique as a rotation detection scheme for a resonator(More)
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