Kaichi Fujimura

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The protection of critical transportation assets and infrastructure is an important topic in these days. In this paper, we develop a new rule based approach to smart video surveillance system for detecting situations where people may be in peril, as well as suspicious action or interactions at or near critical transportation assets. We analyze here three(More)
We have proposed and demonstrated a smart camera network system which provides a cost-effective, reliable, and robust surveillance system. Each smart camera can autonomously analyze human behavior and recognize suspicious actions in real time. The cooperative smart cameras communicate with each other over a wireless mesh network and enable us to track(More)
In this paper, a general algorithm for pedestrian detection by on-board monocular camera which can be applied to cameras of various view ranges in unified manner. The Spatio-Temporal MRF model extracts and tracks foreground objects as pedestrians and non-pedestrian distinguishing from background scenes as buildings by referring to motion difference. During(More)
This paper describes developing of an occlusion robust tracking algorithm of pedestrians in the panning images by the combination between the S-T MRF model and pattern recognition methods of Snakes and HOG classifier. Tracking in panning images would extend the field of view of single camera. In addition, an algorithm to match pedestrians between cameras(More)
Tracking individual pedestrians through camera network is quite important for the security issue today. In the practical use, occlusion robust methods for pedestrian matching between cameras with overlapping view are necessary. However, such matching should be processed without camera calibrations that require real world coordination. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper we present a robust pedestrian detection algorithm in low resolution on-board monocular camera image sequences of cluttered scenes. At first a motion based object detection algorithm is developed to detect foreground objects by analyzing horizontal motion vector. A cascade structure of rejection type classifier is utilized for our pedestrian(More)
Public safety and security in the railway station is significant. This paper describes a development of a framework composed of pedestrian detection and tracking, analysis based on both interactions between postures and location contexts and interactions between multiple pedestrians for behavior understanding in the railway station. In the railway station,(More)
This paper describes the evaluation of driver assistance system by a driving simulator that authors have developed that provides information on congestion to the driver in the expressway. In the evaluation, driver behavior measurement and subjective assessment by the questionnaire are done, when the system correctly offers drivers warning of congestion(More)
This paper describes a development of vision sensor that can detect shockwave propagation that is one of main factors of accidents in highway traffic flow. In addition, realization of a driver assistance system that informs arrival of such shockwave to drivers by the vision sensors is shown. To evaluate the reliability of the system, both recall rate and(More)