Kai-jun Ma

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Determining the postmortem interval (PMI) is important in criminal, civil, and forensic cases. We examined the feasibility of using the transcript abundances of mRNAs, 18S rRNA, U6 snRNA, and microRNAs as a means to estimate the PMI. We removed spleen tissues from rats at different PMIs under 4°C or 25°C and examined gene transcript abundances in these(More)
Precisely determining the postmortem interval (PMI), which is crucial to criminal and forensic cases, is a research in which quantitative RT-PCR (also known as qRT-PCR or real-time RT-PCR) has been used to analyse gene expression levels and data normalisation should be required to eliminate the differences among the samples. Therefore, it is quite necessary(More)
The unnatural death investigation in China seems vague to the world. Shanghai is one of the largest city located in Yangtze River Delta in the East China. This study is committed to lift the veil of unnatural death investigation and describe the epitome of China's unnatural deaths. Based on the 7302 forensic report archives from 1990 to 1999 in Shanghai(More)
The traditional costicartilage analysis inspection is limited to morphological inspection. In recent years, with the development of forensic radiology and molecular genetics, the costicartilage analysis inspection technology has been further enriched and developed. At present, the costicartilage analysis inspection technology have been able to be used in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the pathological features and significance of myocardial contraction band necrosis in sudden cardiac death. METHODS Using HE and PTAH staining, the distribution sites and pathological features of myocardial contraction band necrosis were observed. The data were analyzed according to the extent of necrosis. RESULTS The locations,(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the changes of relative expression of myocardial various RNAs in rats died of different causes and their relationship with PMI. METHODS The rat models were established in which the rats were sacrificed by broken neck, asphyxia, and hemorrhagic shock. Total RNAs were extracted from myocardium. The quantitative real time PCR was used to(More)
Psychiatric disorders exhibited in 13% suicidal drownings in Southwestern Croatia and 63% in Milan, but in China is unknown. This study is committed to outline the feature of a suicidal drowning with psychiatric disorder, show mental status and reveal key factor to high incidence in China. Immersed corpses were handled by SPSBMPH in its jurisdiction range.(More)
Precisely determining the postmortem interval (PMI) is crucial to civil, criminal and forensic cases. A technique to exploit the postmortem RNA transcript level was developed to increase the accuracy and practicality of PMI estimation. For this purpose, lung tissues and muscle tissues were removed at twelve time points (0-144 h) from rat corpses that had(More)
The importance of determining postmortem interval (PMI) is crucial to criminal, civil and forensic cases. The precise estimation of PMI is a critical step in many death investigations. A technique exploiting the level of RNA, 18S rRNA and microRNA to estimate PMI was investigated. 18S-rRNA is a main ribosomal RNA presented as part of the ribosomal protein(More)
Shanghai is the most developed city in China and has a soaring population. This study uses forensic epidemiology to determine the relationship between unnatural deaths and the development in Shanghai, based on recently released forensic autopsy cases from the 2000s at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau (SPSB). There were 5425 accidental deaths, 2696(More)