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The discriminative model learning for image denoising has been recently attracting considerable attentions due to its favorable denoising performance. In this paper, we take one step forward by investigating the construction of feed-forward denoising convolutional neural networks (DnCNNs) to embrace the progress in very deep architecture, learning(More)
It is common practice in statistical data analysis to perform data-driven variable selection and derive statistical inference from the resulting model. Such inference enjoys none of the guarantees that classical statistical theory provides for tests and confidence intervals when the model has been chosen a priori. We propose to produce valid “post-selection(More)
There are a number of symptoms, both neurological and behavioral, associated with a single episode of r mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Neuropsychological testing and conventional neuroimaging techniques are not sufficiently sensitive to detect these changes, which adds to the complexity and difficulty in relating symptoms from mTBI to their underlying(More)
Dynactin is an essential cofactor for the microtubule motor cytoplasmic dynein-1. We report the structure of the 23-subunit dynactin complex by cryo-electron microscopy to 4.0 angstroms. Our reconstruction reveals how dynactin is built around a filament containing eight copies of the actin-related protein Arp1 and one of β-actin. The filament is capped at(More)
This paper studies the problem of question retrieval in community question answering (CQA). To bridge lexical gaps in questions, which is regarded as the biggest challenge in retrieval, state-of-the-art methods learn translation models using answers under an assumption that they are parallel texts. In practice, however, questions and answers are far from(More)
Accurate estimation of the contrast transfer function (CTF) is critical for a near-atomic resolution cryo electron microscopy (cryoEM) reconstruction. Here, a GPU-accelerated computer program, Gctf, for accurate and robust, real-time CTF determination is presented. The main target of Gctf is to maximize the cross-correlation of a simulated CTF with the(More)
The domestic pig is of enormous agricultural significance and valuable models for many human diseases. Information concerning the pig microRNAome (miRNAome) has been long overdue and elucidation of this information will permit an atlas of microRNA (miRNA) regulation functions and networks to be constructed. Here we performed a comprehensive search for(More)
There is still controversy in the literature whether a single episode of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) results in short- and/or long-term functional and structural deficits in the concussed brain. With the inability of traditional brain imaging techniques to properly assess the severity of brain damage induced by a concussive blow, there is hope that(More)
In-memory key-value stores play a critical role in data processing to provide high throughput and low latency data accesses. In-memory key-value stores have several unique properties that include (1) data intensive operations demanding high memory bandwidth for fast data accesses, (2) high data parallelism and simple computing operations demanding many slim(More)
DNA and chromosome damages in peripheral blood lymphocytes were evaluated in 151 workers occupationally exposed to formaldehyde (FA) and 112 non-FA exposed controls. The effects of polymorphisms in three glutathione-S-transferase (GSTs) genes on the DNA and chromosome damages were assessed as well. Alkaline comet assay and cytokinesis-block micronucleus(More)