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Virtualized data centers enable sharing of resources among hosted applications. However, it is difficult to satisfy service-level objectives(SLOs) of applications on shared infrastructure, as application workloads and resource consumption patterns change over time. In this paper, we present AutoControl, a resource control system that automatically adapts to(More)
Live migration of virtual machines (VMs) can consume excessive time and resources, and may affect application performance significantly if VM memory pages get dirtied faster than their content can be transferred to the destination. Existing approaches to this problem transfer memory content faster with high-speed networks, slow down the dirtying of memory(More)
Checkpoint replication is a prevalent way of maintaining virtual machine availability in the presence of host failures. Since checkpoint replication can impose heavy load on network resources, checkpoint compression has been suggested to reduce network usage. This paper presents the first detailed evaluation and characterization of the effectiveness and(More)
A number of WSN (wireless sensor networks) applications have been deployed to monitor the environment periodically and identify anomalous events. Anomalous events occur rarely. However, when an anomaly event occurs, it often carries temporal and spatial locality. Observations of such events are improved by reducing the period of monitoring to increase the(More)
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