Kai-Yin Fok

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Three dimensional (3D) printing can be used to manufacture many different objects range from toys to hi-tech robot parts. This paper investigates 3D printer trajectory planning to improve the speed of the printing process. The printing speed mainly depends on the motion speed and path of the printing nozzle. We use triangular and trapezoidal velocity(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) systems comprise massive volumes of smart devices. Through exchanges of information, smart objects are capable of reasoning and generate higher level of intelligence. The effectiveness of data collection processes is a key factor to the success of IoT systems as it can seriously affect the freshness of the captured data. Efficient(More)
Additive-layered manufacturing has gained attentionin recent years as it has many advantages over conventionalinjection moulding methods. The optimization of printing trajectoriescan be formulated as a travelling salesman problem (TSP) and solved accordingly. However, computational complexities ofordinary TSP solvers can increase tremendously with the(More)
It is always challenging for deaf and speech-impaired people to communicate with non-sign language users. A real-time sign language recognition system using 3D motion sensors could lower the aforementioned communication barrier. However, most existing gesture recognition systems are adopting a single sensor framework, whose performance is susceptible to(More)
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