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Pair programming is a practice in which two programmers work collaboratively at one computer, on the same design, algorithm, or code. Prior research indicates that pair programmers produce higher quality code in essentially half the time taken by solo programmers. An experiment was run to assess the efficacy of pair programming in an introductory Computer(More)
A formal pair programming experiment was run at North Carolina to empirically assess the educational efficacy of the technique in a CS1 course. Results indicate that students who practice pair programming perform better on programming projects and are more likely to succeed by completing the class with a C or better. Student pairs are more self-sufficient(More)
miRNAs are a class of small-noncoding RNAs capable of negatively regulating gene expression. Here, we found that miR-195 is down-regulated in human bladder cancer tissue versus normal adjacent tissue. To better characterize the role of miR-195 in bladder cancer, we conducted gain of function analysis by transfecting bladder cancer cell line T24 with(More)
Virus infection induces host antiviral responses including induction of type I IFNs. Transcription factor IFN regulatory factor 3 (IRF3) plays an essential role and is tightly regulated in this process. Herein we report that TRIM21 (tripartite motif-containing 21) is significantly induced and interacts with IRF3 upon RNA virus infection. Ectopic expression(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively and intraindividually compare dedicated breast computed tomographic (CT) images with screen-film mammograms. MATERIALS AND METHODS All patient studies were performed according to protocols approved by the institutional review board and Radiation Use Committee; informed consent was obtained. A breast CT scanner prototype was used(More)
Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) orf93 (ac93) is a highly conserved uncharacterized gene that is found in all of the sequenced baculovirus genomes except for Culex nigripalpus NPV. In this report, using bioinformatics analyses, ac93 and odv-e25 (ac94) were identified as baculovirus core genes and thus p33-ac93-odv-e25 represent a cluster(More)
—In this paper we propose cloud-based demand response (CDR), a novel demand response architecture for fast response times in large scale deployments. The proposed architecture is in contrast to master/slave based demand response where the participants directly interact with the utility using host address-centric communication. CDR leverages data-centric(More)
Regulatory T (Treg) cells respond to immune and inflammatory signals to mediate immunosuppression, but how the functional integrity of Treg cells is maintained under activating environments is unclear. Here we show that autophagy is active in Treg cells and supports their lineage stability and survival fitness. Treg cell-specific deletion of Atg7 or Atg5,(More)