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Application of terrain-vehicle mechanics for determination and prediction of mobility performance of autonomous wheeled mobile robot (AWMR) in rough terrain is a new research area currently receiving much attention for both terrestrial and planetary missions due to its significant role in design, evaluation, optimization, and motion control of AWMRs. In(More)
Fin stabilizers with Fin-Lift feedback control can shield the mapping error of calculation between the fin angle and fin lift force, which exists in fin stabilizers with Fin-Angle feedback control, but in practical, there are some technical difficulties in lift fin stabilizers, such as lift force detection and lift force sensor installation, so it can't(More)
The maneuver control strategy of mobile robot with four steered independently driven wheels (4WS4WD) in rough terrain is rarely discussed. In this paper a approach of projection is adopted to get the equivalent maneuver radii and equivalent steering angles of a 4WS4WD mobile robot based on a arbitrary equivalent Instantaneous Center of Rotation-EICR, and(More)
In the paper, a mobile robot, which consists of a conventional four-wheel independent propulsion and individual steering system and a 5<sup>th</sup> steerable propulsive wheel, has been presented. The robot is able to achieve multiple prototypes with different wheelbase, wheel stance, clearance, and altitude of center of gravity by reconfiguration, and(More)
In this paper, a universal kinematics model has been presented to a robot with four caster-cambered wheels. The effect toward the robot kinematics performance based on caster and camber has been analyzed. Closed-chain space and Instantaneous Superposition Frame (ISR) is used to build a 3-D kinematics model about differential suspension mobile robot with(More)
A technique for jerk-optimal trajectory planning in joint space is presented in this paper. Jerk is the third derivative of joint position of the trajectory, it affects stabilization and efficiency of whole robot system significantly. As Stewart platform has characteristics of high speed and heavy haul, then jerk of every joint should be minimized to get(More)
Recently, the Gaussian Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density (GMPHD) filter has been studied as a popular method for multi-target tracking in clutter background. As an extended version, robust GMPHD filter, also known as the &#x03BB;-GMPHD filter, was subsequently proposed to handle unknown clutter rate. In this letter, we use a Partially Uniform Birth(More)