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An electronic payment system ideally should provide security, anonymity, fairness, transferability and scalability. Existing payment schemes often lack either anonymity or scalability. In this paper we propose WhoPay, a peer-topeer payment system that provides all the above properties. For anonymity, we represent coins with public keys; for scalability, we(More)
We address the problem of subselecting a large set of acoustic data to train automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. To this end, we apply a novel data selection technique based on constrained submodular function maximization. Though NP-hard, the combinatorial optimization problem can be approximately solved by a simple and scalable greedy algorithm(More)
We conduct a comparative study on selecting subsets of acoustic data for training phone recognizers. The data selection problem is approached as a constrained submodular optimization problem. Previous applications of this approach required transcriptions or acoustic models trained in a supervised way. In this paper we develop and evaluate a novel and(More)
We investigate two novel mixed robust/average-case submodular data partitioning problems that we collectively call Submodular Partitioning. These problems generalize purely robust instances of the problem, namely max-min submodular fair allocation (SFA) [18] and min-max submodular load balancing (SLB) [40], and also average-case instances, that is the(More)
Keywords: Wind energy Offshore wind turbine Support structure Incremental wind-wave analysis Extreme loading Mean return period Probability of failure Reliability Structural capacity Pushover a b s t r a c t Offshore wind turbine (OWT) support structures are subjected to non-proportional environmental wind and wave load patterns with respect to increases in(More)
Cerebral ischemia is a severe outcome that could cause cognitive and motor dysfunction, neurodegenerative diseases and even acute death. Although the existence of autophagy in cerebral ischemia is undisputable, the consensus has not yet been reached regarding the exact functions and influence of autophagy in cerebral ischemia. Whether the activation of(More)
Autophagy, a highly conserved process conferring cytoprotection against stress, contributes to the progression of cerebral ischemia. β-arrestins are multifunctional proteins that mediate receptor desensitization and serve as important signaling scaffolds involved in numerous physiopathological processes. Here, we show that both ARRB1 (arrestin, β 1) and(More)
We apply methods for selecting subsets of dimensions from high-dimensional score spaces, and subsets of data for training, using submodular function optimization. Submodular functions provide theoretical performance guarantees while simultaneously retaining extremely fast and scalable optimization via an accelerated greedy algorithm. We evaluate this(More)