Kai Wang

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Using a descanned, laser-induced guide star and direct wavefront sensing, we demonstrate adaptive correction of complex optical aberrations at high numerical aperture (NA) and a 14-ms update rate. This correction permits us to compensate for the rapid spatial variation in aberration often encountered in biological specimens and to recover(More)
Adaptive optics by direct imaging of the wavefront distortions of a laser-induced guide star has long been used in astronomy, and more recently in microscopy to compensate for aberrations in transparent specimens. Here we extend this approach to tissues that strongly scatter visible light by exploiting the reduced scattering of near-infrared guide stars.(More)
This article summarizes the major categories of ethical violations encountered during submission, review, and publication of scientific articles. We discuss data fabrication and falsification, plagiarism, redundant and duplicate publication, conflict of interest, authorship, animal and human welfare, and reviewer responsibility. In each section, pertinent(More)
Neither the mechanisms that govern lip morphogenesis nor the cause of cleft lip are well understood. We report that genetic inactivation of Lrp6, a co-receptor of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway, leads to cleft lip with cleft palate. The activity of a Wnt signaling reporter is blocked in the orofacial primordia by Lrp6 deletion in mice. The(More)
The formation of semiconductor heterojunctions and their high-density integration are foundations of modern electronics and optoelectronics. To enable two-dimensional crystalline semiconductors as building blocks in next-generation electronics, developing methods to deterministically form lateral heterojunctions is crucial. Here we demonstrate an approach(More)
Based on the indications, one-third to one-half of patients can achieve full-thickness macular hole (FTMH) closure with or without the separation of vitreomacular adhesion (VMA) within 28 days of ocriplasmin treatment. The authors report the case of a 63-year-old man with early VMA separation and delayed FTMH closure after ocriplasmin treatment. Four weeks(More)
Diverse non-equilibrium eutectic structures have attracted numerous experimental and theoretical studies. One special type is the formation of a halo of one phase around a primary dendrite of another phase. In our experiments, it was occasionally observed that ScNi halos grow as dendritic morphology around the primary Sc 2 Ni dendrites in an arc-melted(More)
The adrenal gland and urinary bladder are rare local-izations of metastases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). In the present study, a case of metastasis to the contralateral adrenal gland and urinary bladder of clear cell-type RCC (ccRCC) in the left kidney is reported in a male who had undergone left radical nephrectomy at 55 years of age. Computed(More)
Immunoisolation is an important strategy to protect transplanted cells from rejection by the host immune system. Recently, microfabrication techniques have been used to create hydrogel membranes to encapsulate microtissue in an arrayed organization. The method illustrates a new macroencapsulation paradigm that may allow transplantation of a large number of(More)
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