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We present a complete evaluation for J/ψ(ψ') prompt production at the Tevatron and LHC at next-to-leading order in nonrelativistic QCD, including color-singlet, color-octet, and higher charmonia feeddown contributions. The short-distance coefficients of 3P(J)([8]) at next-to-leading order are found to be larger than leading order by more than an order of(More)
With nonrelativistic QCD factorization, we present a full next-to-leading order computation of the polarization observable for J/ψ production at hadron colliders including all important Fock states, i.e., 3S(1)([1,8]), 1S(0)([8]), and 3P(J)([8]). We find the 3P(J)([8]) channel contributes a positive longitudinal component and a negative transverse(More)
A novel approach based on the periodicity is presented. Opposite to previous approaches, global characteristic is employed. To verify the effectiveness of new approach, two systems are implemented. Experiment shows that error rate drops from 0.163% to 0.104% when new algorithm is employed, more than 1/3 of errors are excluded.
This paper presents a new type of autonomous robotic fish with vision-based target tracking and obstacle avoidance. The robotic fish can sample images through its eye and recognize the meaningful color patch via a special vision algorithm. Specifically, an ARM9-centered microcontroller in conjunction with a CMOS camera for image acquisition is developed to(More)
Magnetic polymer microspheres (MPMs) using glycidylmethacrylate (GMA) as a functional monomer were synthesized in the presence of Fe₃O₄ nanoparticles via dispersion polymerization. After polymerization, the magnetic polymer microbeads were modified with ethylenediamine (EDA). The obtained ethylenediamine-functionalized magnetic microspheres (EDA-MPMs) were(More)
Diverse non-equilibrium eutectic structures have attracted numerous experimental and theoretical studies. One special type is the formation of a halo of one phase around a primary dendrite of another phase. In our experiments, it was occasionally observed that ScNi halos grow as dendritic morphology around the primary Sc 2 Ni dendrites in an arc-melted(More)
Nitrogen-doped zinc oxide (N: ZnO) films have been prepared by oxidizing reactive RF magnetron-sputtering zinc nitride (Zn-N) films. The effect of oxidation temperature and oxidation time on the growth, transmittance, and electrical properties of the film has been explored. The results show that both long oxidation time and high oxidation temperature can(More)
In this paper, considering the development of China's socialist market economy and the actual situation of our army's civil-military integration system, the development of the socialist market economy and the building of our army's equipment maintenance system are creatively combined closely, the risks of the construction of civil-military integration(More)
A series of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based small molecules have been designed to explore their optical, electronic, and charge transport properties as organic solar cell(OSCs) materials. The calculation results showed that the designed molecules can lower the band gap and extend the absorption spectrum towards longer wavelengths.The designed molecules own the(More)