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We present a method for spotting words in the wild, i.e., in real images taken in unconstrained environments. Text found in the wild has a surprising range of difficulty. At one end of the spectrum, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applied to scanned pages of well formatted printed text is one of the most successful applications of computer vision to(More)
We introduce novel profile-based string kernels for use with support vector machines (SVMs) for the problems of protein classification and remote homology detection. These kernels use probabilistic profiles, such as those produced by the PSI-BLAST algorithm, to define position-dependent mutation neighborhoods along protein sequences for inexact matching of(More)
In this paper, we present a novel multigrid-based technique for on-chip power supply network optimization. We reduce a large-scale network to a much coarser one which can be efficiently optimized. The solution for the original network is then quickly computed using a back-mapping process. We model the power grid by an RLC network and use time-varying(More)
Keywords: Visual quality assessment Triangle mesh Human visual system Objective perceptual metric Surface roughness a b s t r a c t We propose in this paper a new objective metric for the visual quality assessment of 3D meshes. The metric can predict the extent of the visual difference between a reference mesh, which is considered to be of perfect quality,(More)
Three-dimensional meshes have been used more and more in industrial, medical and entertainment applications during the last decade. Many researchers, from both the academic and the industrial sectors, have become aware of their intellectual property protection and authentication problems arising with their increasing use. This paper gives a comprehensive(More)
While traditional question answering (QA) systems tailored to the TREC QA task work relatively well for simple questions, they do not suffice to answer real world questions. The community-based QA systems offer this service well, as they contain large archives of such questions where manually crafted answers are directly available. However, finding similar(More)
—Renewable energy such as solar and wind generation will constitute an important part of the future grid. As the availability of renewable sources may not match the load, energy storage is essential for grid stability. In this paper we investigate the feasibility of integrating solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and wind turbines into the grid by also(More)