Kai Van Amsterdam

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BACKGROUND The influence of frontal brain tumours on bispectral index (BIS) measurements and propofol requirements is unknown. The primary aim of our study was to determine whether BIS values recorded at loss and return of consciousness (LOC and ROC, respectively) differ between patients with unilateral frontal brain tumours and control patients. Secondary(More)
Little is known about factors which enable Salmonella serotypes to circulate within populations of livestock and domestic fowl. We have identified a DNA region which is present in Salmonella serotypes commonly isolated from livestock and domestic fowl (S. enterica subspecies I) but absent from reptile-associated Salmonella serotypes (S. bongori and S.(More)
The identification of methylated sites on bacterial genomic DNA would be a useful tool to study the major roles of DNA methylation in prokaryotes: distinction of self and nonself DNA, direction of post-replicative mismatch repair, control of DNA replication and cell cycle, and regulation of gene expression. Three types of methylated nucleobases are known:(More)
BACKGROUND Pulse pressure variation (PPV) and stroke volume variation (SVV) are dynamic preload variables that can be measured noninvasively to assess fluid responsiveness (FR) in anesthetized patients with mechanical ventilation. Few studies have examined the effectiveness of predicting FR according to the definition of FR, and assessment of inconclusive(More)
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