Kai-Uwe Lauterbach

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We compare two simple mechanisms for the enhancement of the time delay in slow light systems. Both are based on the superposition of the Brillouin gain with additional loss. As we will show in theory and experiment if two losses are placed at the wings of a SBS gain, contrary to other methods, the loss power increases the time delay. This leads to higher(More)
We describe a method which has the potential to enhance the bandwidth of Brillouin based slow-light delay lines drastically. It is based on the overcompensation of the anti Stokes loss spectrum by additional pump sources. With this method it might be possible to overcome the bandwidth limit of Brillouin scattering which for one pump wave is given by two(More)
We show a simple method to reduce the distortions in SBS based slow light systems. The distortion reduction is simply based on a broadening and adaptation of the gain bandwidth. However, a broadened gain reduces the achievable fractional delay which cannot be compensated by higher pump powers. Here we will show that this compensation can be done by(More)
We show a simple method of time delay enhancement in slow-light systems based on the effect of stimulated Brillouin scattering. The method is based on the reduction of the absolute Brillouin gain by a loss produced by an additional pump laser. With this method we achieved pulse delays of nearly 100 ns in a standard single-mode fiber. In the presented(More)
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