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In this paper, we study the problem of constructing a family of surfaces from a given spatial geodesic curve. We derive a parametric representation for a surface pencil whose members share the same geodesic curve as an isoparametric curve. By utilizing the Frenet trihedron frame along the given geodesic, we express the surface pencil as a linear combination(More)
As a typical endoribonuclease, YoeB mediates cellular adaptation in diverse bacteria by degrading mRNAs on its activation. Although the catalytic core of YoeB is thought to be identical to well-studied nucleases, this enzyme specifically targets mRNA substrates that are associated with ribosomes in vivo. However, the molecular mechanism of mRNA recognition(More)
In the research of computer vision and machine perception, 3D objects are usually represented by 2-manifold triangular meshes M. In this paper, we present practical and efficient algorithms to construct iso-contours, bisectors, and Voronoi diagrams of point sites on M, based on an exact geodesic metric. Compared to euclidean metric spaces, the Voronoi(More)
This paper presents a robust and efficient surface flattening approach based on fitting a woven-like mesh model on a 3D freeform surface. The fitting algorithm is based on tendon node mapping (TNM) and diagonal node mapping (DNM), where TNM determines the position of a new node on the surface along the warp or weft direction and DNM locates a node along the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of constructing a structured quadrilateral grid inside a given four-sided 2D region by a particular boundary-conforming mapping scheme—Hermite Interpolation Mapping (HIM). When the four given boundary curves are concave and convoluted, all boundary-conform mapping methods suffer from potential self-overlapping problem. Under(More)
AIMS Apoptosis plays a critical role in cardiomyocyte loss during ischaemic heart injury. A detailed understanding of the mechanism involved has a substantial impact on the optimization and development of treatment strategies. Here, we report that the expression of SIRT4, a mitochondrial sirtuin, is markedly down-regulated in hypoxia-induced apoptosis of(More)
BACKGROUND SIRT5 is located in the mitochondria, and plays a crucial role in the regulation of metabolic process and cellular apoptosis. Cardiomyocytes are abundant in mitochondria. However, the role of SIRT5 in oxidative stress-induced apoptosis is still unknown in cardiomyocytes. METHODS AND RESULTS Western blots analysis revealed that SIRT5 is(More)
In this study, we used imaging and proteomics to identify the presence of virus-associated cellular proteins that may play a role in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) maturation. Fluorescence microscopy of virus-infected cells revealed the presence of virus-induced cytoplasmic inclusion bodies and mature virus particles, the latter appearing as virus(More)
This paper presents an efficient biorthogonal wavelet construction with the generalized Catmull–Clark subdivision based on the lifting scheme. The subdivision wavelet construction scheme is applicable to all variants of Catmull–Clark subdivision, so it is more universal than the previous wavelet construction for the generalized bicubic B-spline subdivision.(More)
A common operation in clothing and shoe design is to design a folding pattern over a narrow strip and then superimpose it with a smooth surface; the shape of the folding pattern is controlled by the boundary curve of the strip. Previous research results studying folds focused mostly on cloth modeling or in animations, which are driven more by visual(More)