Kai Stiens

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Environment mapping is a key component of autonomous navigation. In order to distinguish low obstacles from uneven ground, the shape of the ground surface has to be represented and estimated within the environment model. Elevation mapping is a computationally efficient approach that represents ground heights as well as obstacle heights without(More)
The information about the road course and individual lanes is an important requirement in driver assistance systems and for automated driving applications. It is often stored in a highly accurate offline map so that the road and the lanes are known in advance. However, there exist situations where an offline map can become unusable or invalid. This paper(More)
Two-dimensional occupancy grid mapping is a common approach for environment mapping and sensor data fusion but non-planar environments are still a remaining issue. The ground shape has to be considered in such environments, especially when low obstacles on the road need to be recognized. Elevation maps are a suitable model because the height is not(More)
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