Kai Steinert

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Echo cancellation and noise reduction for hands-free systems are challenging tasks in speech signal processing. The presence of strong local speech and noise and a changing acoustical enclosing may severely impair the performance of the algorithms. Usually additional constraints such as a low signal delay are also requested for real time implementation. We(More)
In this paper we focus on the enhancement of speech quality by hands-free audio systems in modern, multimedia enabled telecommunication terminals. Requirements like the compatibility with wideband audio and full-duplex hands-free operation demand for sophisticated system designs. As a starting point we introduce a state-of-the-art system developed for(More)
Quality assessment of speech enhancement systems has to deal with aspects such as distortion of the near-end talker's speech, and with the attenuation and distortion of the noise and the echo in different test cases. We propose first steps into the direction of a new black box objective quality assessment of speech enhancement schemes, based on our previous(More)
An important parameter in quality assessment of speech enhancement systems is speech distortion, measured in terms of quality of the speech component. In fact, in the context of noise reduction, the user tends to prefer a certain degree of residual noise over distorted speech with suppressed background noise. The challenge of instrumental speech component(More)
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