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The oxidation of decamethylferrocene dissolved in a nitrobenzene droplet and attached to a graphite electrode that is immersed in an aqueous electrolyte solution provides the basis to determine the standard Gibbs energies of transfer of simple organic anions, such as those of aliphatic and aromatic monoand dicarboxylic acids, and phenols. The data are(More)
The previously introduced three-phase electrode technique was used to determine the Gibbs energies of transfer of ClO3 , BrO3 , IO3 , IO4 , OCN , SeCN , CN , N3 , halogen substituted acetate anions Z3 nCHnCOO (Z 1⁄4 F,Cl,Br,I), and cycloalkyl carboxylate anions ((CH2)nCOO , n 1⁄4 3,. . .,7) at the water|nitrobenzene interface. Whereas the data for the small(More)
The authors report their first results and experiences with a new method of osteosynthesis, which was introduced by soviet authors in 1973. A mixture of cyanacryl and bonepowder is used under the influence of ultrasonic waves for union of bones. Technological and animal experiments are being carried out at this time.
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