Kai-Ping Chuang

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This work presents a new sequential UV-writing procedure for fabricating long fiber Bragg grating (FBG) devices. To real-time accurately align the position of every exposed FBG section prior to UV exposure, a single-period reference fiber grating with strong refractive index modulation is probed by applying an interferometric side-diffraction method to(More)
We propose a flexible method for fabricating complex fiber grating structures based on sequential writing for fiber gratings with polarization control of the UV source beam. Pure apodized as well as arbitrary phase-shifted fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) can be fabricated in a single scan. Experimental examples of raised-cos2 apodized and dispersionless FBG(More)
Directly written by a ultra-short femto-second laser pulse, we report the phase separation and pattern formation induced by polymerization in a liquid-crystal-monomer mixture. By varying the scanning speed of optical fields along a line, pattern transitions of photon-induced polymer structures are illustrated in shapes of double-humped, single-humped, and(More)
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