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Aerobic exercise in young adults can induce vascular plasticity in the hippocampus, a critical region for recall and recognition memory. In a mechanistic proof-of-concept intervention over 3 months, we investigated whether healthy older adults (60-77 years) also show such plasticity. Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and volume (rCBV) were measured with(More)
We assessed the risk and determined predictors of early epileptic seizures (ES) in patients with acute cerebral venous and sinus thrombosis (CVST). A prospective series of 194 consecutive patients with acute CVST admitted to neurological wards in two German university hospitals was analysed for frequency of ES and in-hospital mortality. Demographic,(More)
We studied 32 consecutive patients with known or suspected cerebrovascular abnormalities studied with spiral CT following a intravenous bolus injection of iodinated contrast medium with a power injector. Flow was 3 or 4 ml/s. In an attempt to define the appropriate delay time and scan duration a cranial angio-CT without table increment was performed on 10(More)
Imaging findings of morphology and regional cerebral blood flow in two patients suffering from epileptic seizures are presented. CT and MRI revealed heterotopic gray matter as a probable structural correlate, causing the seizure disorder. 99mTc hexamethyl-propylenamine oxime (HM-PAO) SPECT demonstrated focally increased regional cerebral blood flow in both(More)
The clinical course and radiological and histological findings in a 30-month-old boy suffering from desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma are reported. The child's development was normal until a series of complex partial seizures occurred at the age of 7 months. Cranial computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a cystic mass with intensive(More)
In a prospective study the value of spiral CT for the detection and differential diagnosis of intraorbital masses was investigated. Thirty patients with various orbital diseases were examined with transverse spiral computed tomography. After performing two contiguous 1 mm spiral CT scans, coronal, parasagittal, and other reconstructions were obtained.(More)
Thin-film ferroelectric capacitors have been integrated with resistors and active functions such as ESD protection into small, miniaturized modules, which enable a board space saving of up to 80%. With the optimum materials and processes, integrated capacitors with capacitance densities of up to 100 nF/mm2 for stacked capacitors combined with breakdown(More)
Purpose Stuttering is a disorder of speech production characterized by repetitions, cessations, or prolongations of phonemes and syllables. In stutterers, PET studies showed increased right hemisphere activation and a widespread overactivation in the motor system compared to normal subjects (1–4). Isolated exams looking for the effects of fluency treatment(More)
Coronal T2-weighted MRI is the most sensitive imaging modality to detect temporal lobe pathology. However, prepontine artifacts resulting from pulsation of cerebrospinal fluid occasionally simulate temporal lobe lesion. To characterize this artifact we studied 30 patients without temporal lobe pathology in conventional T2-weighted spin-echo technique (0.5(More)
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