Kai-Ming Yang

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The applications of wireless mesh network in the embedded systems have become more widely. It's an important issue that how to consume lower energy and transfer data stably based on energy considerations. A routing protocol is proposed with sequential repair and backup routing protocol (Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing-Sequential Repair and Backup(More)
In the multi-core systems, the data transfer between cores becomes a major challenge. An asynchronous ring bus, which is 33 bit width, adopting dual-rail single-track data protocol is proposed in this paper. Owning to asynchronous circuits design, there are different transfer times in different hop counts. For providing higher throughput, multiple cores(More)
The methods of hardware and software co-design for the embedded systems with the reconfigurable components are interesting topics to approach low power and high performance goals. However, designers find integrating hardware and software communications interface being a challenge. In this paper, the integration methods for computing in reconfigurable(More)
Among numerous control schemes for flexible joint robots, the main problem is that the full state variable of acceleration and jerk must be known, which are difficult to measure, and the noise may be merged in the main signal. To solve this problem, a self adaptive composite control scheme is developed to control the flexible joint robots with modeling(More)
The complex architectures of the signal core have the bottlenecks to improve performance. The homogenous and heterogonous multi-core architecture will be the further trends. For the job’s cooperation, the synchronous behaviors are needed to keep the task achievements and, more frequently, occur in the multi-core systems. Polling and interrupt(More)