Kai Ming Cheng

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We show that the geometric phase between any two states, including orthogonal states, can be extracted and measured using the notion of projective measurement, and we show that a topological number can be extracted in the geometric phase change in an infinitesimal loop near an orthogonal state. Also, the Pancharatnam phase change during the passage through(More)
Residual stresses and strains are unavoidable after growing GaN epitaxial films on silicon wafers because of lattice and thermal expansion coefficient mismatch between them. Due to the high processing temperatures (>;1000°C) and the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion between the silicon substrate and the GaN layer, high tensile(More)
We study the general-setting quantum geometric phase acquired by a particle in a vibrating cavity. Solving the two-level theory with the rotating-wave approximation and the SU(2) method, we obtain analytic formulae that give excellent descriptions of the geometric phase, energy, and wavefunction of the resonating system. In particular, we observe a sudden(More)
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