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Catalytic site-selective thiocarbonylations and deoxygenations of vancomycin reveal hydroxyl-dependent conformational effects.
We have examined peptide-based catalysts for the site-selective thiocarbonylation of a protected form of vancomycin. Several catalysts were identified that either enhanced or altered the inherentExpand
An alkyne hydrosilylation-oxidation strategy for the selective installation of oxygen functionality.
Alkynes bearing propargylic, homopropargylic, and bishomopropargylic hydroxyl groups are shown to serve as precursors for ketone or alpha-hydroxy ketone functionality. The approach hinges on theExpand
Total synthesis of (+)-clavolonine, (-)-deacetylfawcettiine, and (+)-acetylfawcettiine.
Lycopodium alkaloids have attracted great interest from a biological and biogenetic point of view during the past decades. Over 200 alkaloids with structurally diverse skeletons have been isolated soExpand