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Corporate finance decisions are not made at random, but are usually deliberate decisions by firms or their managers to self-select into their preferred choices. This chapter reviews econometric models of self-selection. The review is organized into two parts. The first part reviews econometric models of self-selection, focusing on the key assumptions of(More)
Although the brain areas in the default-mode network (DMN) act in a coordinated way during rest, the activity levels in the individual areas of the DMN are highly heterogeneous. The relation between the activity levels and the pattern of causal interaction among the DMN areas remains unknown. In the present fMRI study, seven nodes of the DMN were identified(More)
We examine CEO pay and incentives around corporate takeovers to explore whether compensation policies in bidding firms counter or exacerbate the divergence between CEO and shareholder interests over acquisitions. We find that CEOs are rewarded for growth through acquisition. Even in mergers where bidding shareholders are worse off, bidding CEOs are better(More)
Increasing evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging studies suggests that mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mTLE) is possibly associated with the default-mode brain function. However, the alteration of coherent neural activities in such a default-mode network (DMN) in mTLE has yet to be investigated. The present study analyzed the resting-state functional MRI(More)
We report the availability of a digitized Chinese male and a digitzed Chinese female typical of the population and with no obvious abnormalities. The embalming and milling procedures incorporate three technical improvements over earlier digitized cadavers. Vascular perfusion with coloured gelatin was performed to facilitate blood vessel identification.(More)
In this paper we develop a model of intertemporal portfolio choice where an investor accounts explicitly for the possibility of model misspecification. This work is motivated by the difficulty in estimating precisely the probability law for asset returns. Our contribution is to develop a framework that allows for ambiguity about the joint distribution of(More)
Study of monogenic mitochondrial cardiomyopathies may yield insights into mitochondrial roles in cardiac development and disease. Here, we combined patient-derived and genetically engineered induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with tissue engineering to elucidate the pathophysiology underlying the cardiomyopathy of Barth syndrome (BTHS), a mitochondrial(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the recent incidences and trends of childhood malignant solid tumors in Shanghai. METHOD Data from the population-based Shanghai Cancer Registry and related retrospective survey were used to analyze the patterns of incidence and trends of malignant solid tumors diagnosed between 2002 and 2010 in children aged 0-14 years. The(More)
We examine firms that reprice their executive stock options and find little evidence that repricing reflects managerial entrenchment or ineffective governance. Repricing grants are economically significant, but there is little else unusual about compensation in repricing firms. Repricers tend to be smaller, younger, rapidly growing firms that experience a(More)