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OBJECTIVE Autophagy is a critical cellular system for removal of aggregated proteins and damaged organelles. Although dysregulated autophagy is implicated in the development of heart failure, the role of autophagy in the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy has not been studied. We investigated whether chronic activation of the AMP-activated protein(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies showed that genetic deletion or pharmacological blockade of the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) prevents the early structural changes in the glomerulus associated with diabetic nephropathy. To overcome limitations of mouse models that lack the progressive glomerulosclerosis observed in humans, we studied the(More)
The original generalized linear least squares (GLLS) algorithm was developed for non-uniformly sampled biomedical system parameter estimation using finely sampled instantaneous measurements (D. Feng, S.C. Huang, Z. Wang, D. Ho, An unbiased parametric imaging algorithm for non-uniformly sampled biomedical system parameter estimation, IEEE Trans. Med. Imag.(More)
It is generally agreed that an on-line recognition system is always reliable than an off-line one. It is due to the availability of the dynamic information, especially the writing sequence of the strokes. This paper presents a new statistical method to reconstruct the writing order of a handwritten script from a two-dimensional static image. The(More)
UNLABELLED Vitamin C is a precursor of oxalate and promoter of its absorption, potentially causing hyperoxaluria. Malabsorption causes Calcium (Ca) chelation with fatty acids, producing enteric hyperoxaluria. CASE A 73-year-old man with both risk factors was hospitalized with serum creatinine of 8.4 mg/dL (versus 1.2 mg/dL four months earlier) (normal(More)
Epidemiological studies suggest an association between reduced calcium uptake and hypertension, while clinical trials and rat experiments indicate a small but significant hypotensive effect with oral calcium supplements. These data imply that calcium deficiency has a role in genetic hypertension. We reasoned that if the hypothesis is correct, the(More)