Kai Kwong Lau

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It is generally agreed that an on-line recognition system is always reliable than an off-line one. It is due to the availability of the dynamic information, especially the writing sequence of the strokes. This paper presents a new statistical method to reconstruct the writing order of a handwritten script from a two-dimensional static image. The(More)
Traditionally sorting algorithms are classiied according to their main operational characteristic , rather than their underlying logic. More recent work in program synthesis has exposed the logic of and hence the logical relationships between some sorting algorithms. Following the program synthesis approach, and by using a logic programming system for(More)
Online features have been proven to be more robust information for handwriting recognition than an offline static image due to dynamic aspects, such as the writing sequence of strokes. The estimation of temporal information from a static image becomes an important issue. This paper presents a new statistical method to reconstruct the writing order of a(More)
This paper proposes a parallel branch and bound algorithm designed for solving the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) on NOWs (Networks of Workstations). Our objective is to minimize the execution time by considering parallel implementation to find an exact solution to the VRP in real time. Our experimental studies reveal that the proposed parallel branch and(More)
Social Network is a network of social involvements and personal relationships. Social Networks involve information sharing between people at all times which results in producing large amount of data produced in this social network environment which can be extremely useful. As social networks are increased, its storage also increases. By observation, it has(More)
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